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Making a Visible Difference in Loudoun County

Application requirements:

Δ List Extracurricular Activities, Employment, Community Service, Honors and Awards (No more than one (1) typed page, double-spaced)

Δ Write an essay. The essay must be no more than two (2) typed pages, doubled-spaced, using a 12 point font.

Δ Two letters of recommendation must accompany the application in a sealed envelope with the author’s signature across the seal. The letters MUST be on official letterhead and may be from a teacher, employer, a volunteer supervisor, school counselor, principal, or vice principal. Do not submit a recommendation from anyone who is a friend or related to you by blood or marriage (i.e., aunt, uncle, cousin, husband of an aunt, wife of an uncle, etc.)

Δ An official high school transcript. Submit the transcript in a sealed envelope with the signature of the school official across the envelope seal. The guidance counselor or career center specialist can assist you with this requirement.

Δ A recent wallet-size photo to the first page of this application.

Δ A completed, signed and dated application. Use enclosed checklist to ensure that the application is complete. All parts of the application must be typed.