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Making a Visible Difference in Loudoun County

Loudoun County Alumnae 2015 - 2017 Chapter Officers

 President  Katrina Smith
 Vice-President  Charlotte Lofton
 2nd Vice-President  Marian Salahuddin
 Recording Secretary  Annette Phillips
 Assistant Recording Secretary  Jeanine Arnett
 Corresponding Secretary  Madeleine Gillis
 Treasurer  Tonya Lovelace
 Financial Secretary  Vera Stewart
 Assistant Financial Secretary  Mary Swanson
 Sergeant-at-Arms  Tasha Childs
 Chaplain  Jacquie Hood Martin
 Immediate Past President  Sheryl Tolbert-Johnson

Loudoun County Alumnae 2015 - 2017 Committee Chairs

 Arts and Letters  Sonya Green
 Audit  Josilynn Robinson
 Conventions and Conferences  Tonya Lovelace
 Courtesies & Amenities  Kasonya Blevins
 Elections  Deena Myles
 Founders Day  Colette Fladger
 Fundraising Chair  Lorrie Penn Hunter
 Heritage and Archives  Melissa Goldring
 Logistics  Lorrie Penn Hunter
 May Week Chair  Madeleine Gillis
 Membership  Charlotte Lofton
 Nominating  Sharon Stokes
 Pan-Hellenic  (vacant)
 Policies & Procedures  Brenda Lipscomb
 Prayer Circle  Jacquie Hood Martin (Chaplain)
 Program Planning and Development  Marian Salahuddin
 Protocol & Traditions  Fonda Dowl
 Ritual and Ceremonies  Terri Long-Miller
 Risk Management  Miche'la Jolly
 Scholarship  Tracey Lacey
 Social Action  Nancy Barbour
 Strategic Planning Task Force  Margaret Savage
 Technology Task Force  Colette Fladger