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Making a Visible Difference in Loudoun County

Arts & Letters

Mission - The National Arts and Letters Commission’s mission is to promote a positive image of African Americans and other minorities in our community through the medium of music, dance, drama and poetry. The committee promotes worthwhile cultural endeavors and artist through vehicles such as book signing, theatre parties, concerts and artist showcases.

Delta Red Carpet, an initiative spear-headed by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority National Commission on Arts and Letters, has a primary focus of working with the Sorority's membership and potential stakeholders to redefine images of the African-American community in all forms of artistic media. Through Delta Red Carpet, members support positive forms of entertainment—music, film, radio, television, visual and literary arts—while expressing concern for those art forms that promote harmful messages and negative stereotypes. Red Carpet films that have been selected recently are Annie, Beyond the Lights, and War Room. Motown the Musical play was chosen.